Thanksgiving Prayer to Share

O God, 

We thank you on this special day of Thanksgiving for our many blessings and the opportunity to enjoy being with those whom we love and cherish. We bless you for the earth and all it holds, for the seas and all their riches, and for the heavens and all that fills them. We bless you for the mountains and valleys, the lakes, rivers, and streams, the forests, deserts, plains and all that inhabits them.

In our hearts and minds, we are grateful to the persons and events that have brought some light and comfort into our lives. Help us recognize how indebted we are to each other. Inspire us to see the possibilities that every day and moment can offer us even in the midst of confusion, uncertainty, and fear.

We hope and pray for peace and safety during the coming holidays and new year. 

Bless us and our efforts to find the best life has to offer beyond mere survival, and to share understanding and kindness. 

May we be alert to ways of being ever more generous with all the gifts you have given us for the support, protection, and enrichment of life on earth.

--New Skete