Service Schedule :

Sunday Service at Holy Trinity Church at 9:00 am

Sunday Service at Redeemer Church, Mattituck at 11:00 am

Spanish Service with Fr. Gerardo Romo at Redeemer Church, Mattituck at 1:00 pm


Upcoming Events:


A new year for Common Ground

Spring is nipping at our toes and it is time to wake up our beds! There is much to celebrate and much more to do. Our adopt-a-bed initiative is progressing nicely. If you would like a bed please email Barbara Wasilausky at and we'll get your name on a bed! Likewise - if you would like to work with someone else let us know and we'll pair you up with another gardener.

Lectio Divinia - Finding Stillness In Love. Medititation Class at Holy Trinity - lead by Darren Mignone. The 2nd Sunday of each month @ 4:00 pm

At Holy Trinity we strive to be a church that is open, inclusive, and welcoming of all God’s children. Although we were founded in the days in which Greenport made it's living from the sea we are still an emerging Christian community, not yet fully formed in personality or identity. We are in the midst of creation, but still relying on the wisdom of the saints preceding us. As an Episcopal community, our worship is grounded in the meaning, beauty and artfulness of the ritual of the early church. Yet theologically, we are constantly seeking to understand how Christ’s life and teachings are relevant to us in the 21st century.

We welcome you, no matter who you are, into this work of creating a new kind of church – a church that is both ancient and fully engaged in the present.

Give Fr. Roger Joslin a call at 631-655-1247. Roger would be happy to talk with you about your spiritual journey and how Holy Trinity can be a part of your quest.  



Find out about our history, our mission, our Christian practice and where we are headed in the future.